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Get paid for Insuring Your Portfolio

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

What’s the purpose of saving for retirement?

You save for retirement so that you’ll be able to live comfortably and not run out of money after your working days are over, right?

What’s the purpose of insurance?

You have insurance just in case there’s an unforeseen disastrous event, don’t you?

You pay a premium to have fire insurance, home insurance, auto insurance and health insurance, don’t you? You don’t have fire insurance in the hopes that you’ll have a fire, do you? You don’t have auto insurance in the hopes that you’ll have an accident, do you? You don’t have health insurance in the hopes that you’ll get sick, do you?

Do you expect to get your premium back if you don’t have a fire, if you don’t have an accident or if you don’t get sick? Of course not. Do you have retirement account protection that will insure that you don’t suffer financially if there’s a meltdown?

Protect your retirement accounts.

There are two insurance vehicles that will protect your retirement investments from loss. That insurance alone is reason enough to pay a premium for that protection. But, in addition to that protection, they are the only types of insurance that will pay you back your premium plus interest for insuring your retirement portfolio - while guaranteeing a paycheck for life - even if there’s not an unpredictable future event, that if it happened, could be financially catastrophic to you without that insurance.

How much of your retirement savings do you want to protect?

All of it, half of it or none at all?

How much income do you want to guarantee that you’ll need in order to live comfortably?

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