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"a strategy that works - no matter the market"

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"dynamic , powerful insights"

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topics covered & key ideas from the economic pandemic slide show

SLIDE 1         Avoiding a Ticking Time Bomb


SLIDE 2         BIO of Bill Moeller

SLIDE 3         State of Wisconsin insurance license


SLIDE 4         Ukraine War causes pandemonium in markets


SLIDE 5         Health and economic disaster

SLIDE 6         Don’t let history repeat itself with your savings

SLIDE 7         The last phase of the bubble is catastrophic


SLIDE 8         Better have a plan for those Gold bars in your safe 


SLIDE 9         DJIA is officially in the nosebleed seats – avoid a 1929 style market crash


SLIDE 10       Let zero be your hero


SLIDE 11       FIA annual reset feature is a lifesaver


SLIDE 12       Failing to plan is planning to fail


SLIDE 13       Happy couple has a smart retirement


SLIDE 14       Virtual reality - try it, you'll like it


SLIDE 15       What's choice #1 for your savings?


                      IncomeVantage PRO video

SLIDE 16       How can 4% = 8%? 


SLIDE 17       Lifetime income is yours to enjoy 


SLIDE 18       Substantial increase in death benefit if payed over 5 years 

SLIDE 19       IncomeVantage PRO features

                      Fidelity video

SLIDE 20       10-year returns crush other fixed income products

SLIDE 21       RetireVantage features - Can it be? An annuity that credits 9.8%?

                      RetireVantage video – strategy to receive higher 2-year interest crediting 

SLIDE 22       Which is the best fit? Or some of both?

SLIDE 23       Application

   thru 27

SLIDE 28       A secure retirement is just ahead!



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