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topics covered & key ideas from the economic pandemic slide show

SLIDE 1         Living in surreal & dangerous times


SLIDE 2         Skepticism about a rose-colored future is healthy – be wary of the storm clouds


SLIDE 3         What would a 20-year bear market do to your savings & income in retirement?


SLIDE 4         Avoid the last phase of the bubble


SLIDE 5&6    Gold chart is a match with the Universal chart as is the DJIA


SLIDE 7         Don’t let history repeat itself with your savings – avoid a 1929 style market crash


SLIDE 8         Fixed Index Annuity annual reset feature


SLIDE 9         Fidelity index – consistent returns without downside risk


SLIDE 10       Fidelity video


SLIDE 11       Virtual education, suitability, application, signature and delivery


SLIDE 12       What’s objective #1 – Growth, Income, Legacy, or Access to money?


SLIDE 13       Smart retirement – Guarantee that your basic necessities are covered


SLIDE 14       IncomeVantage PRO video


SLIDE 15       IncomeVantage PRO feature benefits


SLIDE 16       How does 4% = 8%? and stacking to build savings


SLIDE 17       RetireVantage feature benefits – Can it be? An annuity that credits 12% APR?


SLIDE 18       RetireVantage video – higher 2-year interest crediting applied in 1-year periods


SLIDE 19       2 product features & benefits – which is the best fit? Or some of both?


SLIDE 20       Suitability Pre-check determines eligibility – looking out for your best interest