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Stock Market Volatility got you Confused, Worried, Scared?

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Do you buy, sell, go long, go short or cover your eyes? How about putting your


somewhere that's immune to the


has upside potential, zero downside risk and sleep insurance.

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This is what you get with an MNL IncomeVantage PRO:

Upside - Safety - Potential - Peace of Mind!

An index leveraging Fidelity’s long legacy of factor investing and capabilities. A rules-based index that blends six equity factor indices with U.S. Treasuries, and uses a dynamic allocation approach that seeks to reduce volatility to deliver more consistent returns over time.

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Bill Moeller is president and founder of Clarity Financial Insurance. Over the last 40 years, Bill has counseled and worked with hundreds of people planning for and growing their retirement. His practice of helping more people grew out of those consultations and the realization that people need help navigating their course to and through retirement.


P.S. Anyone can recommend accumulation of a stock and bond portfolio. But it’s entirely different to build a comprehensive, safe and secure plan that creates and distributes a steady stream of guaranteed income for years to come!

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