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                                                             Bill’s MAJOR TRAITS



• Bachelor of Science in technical and business fields, plus related work experience


Bill is COMPETENT, client Focused and a strategic thinker:

• He understands the client’s point of view and expectations

• Bill engages in dialogue and conversations with a great attitude, professionalism,

and tact

• Bill makes complicated subject matter clear and easy to understand

• Bill refers back to his experience, training, and education to enlighten

•Bill fully understands the purpose and content of his client’s plan


Bill is Detail Oriented:

• Bill pays close attention to all aspects related to one’s tasks and carefully examines

every detail

• Bill provides reports that are timely, easy to digest, accurate, and holistic


 Bill’s SKILLS:

• Able to understand verbal communication and clarify needed details

• Able to gather requirements and develop relevant documentation

• Able to create a comprehensive list of activities, realistic schedule, and accurate


• Able to draft reports, proposals, roadmaps, and frameworks

• Able to draft customer gap analyses

• Strong communication skills

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